Saturday, May 21, 2011

What should we do with fat obese people?

The United States is getting fatter and fatter. Our culture is shifting and something dramatic needs to be done in order to change the trend. People eat way too much fast food and many people don’t get any exercise. More and more people are falling under the category of obese. Many obese people are starting to look like trucks. These obese people face more health problems as a direct result of being fat. They just take up hospital beds that should be used for healthy sized people. The worst part is that obese people who can’t afford to pay for their medical bills take money out of Medicaid which is funded by YOUR hard earned money. Health care is a pressing issue in our nation right now and something needs to be done about it. These fat people need to be killed!

I would like to make a law that would make everyone go to the doctor once a year so they could be checked for obesity. If they are found to be obese then they will be informed that they have 1 year to lose the weight and get to a healthy body mass index. They will be killed if they don’t reach the given mass index that they were told they had to reach. It’s not like it should be hard for them to lose weight.

Killing them would help solve out nations health care crisis so killing them makes complete sense. Other politicians are promoting eating healthy and exercising but this is not enough. A serious threat needs to be given in order to get people to act healthier.
We will not put anything to waste. That is why I propose that we feed the obese people to animals and other humans. Just the other day I saw a commercial for the local Zoo asking for money in order to help care for the animals. My first thought was that we could feed the obese people to these animals and this would dramatically cut down the cost of keeping animals in the zoo.

There are plenty of people in the United States that go day to day fighting to get food. The thought of feeding obese people to these people in need crossed my mind but I thought that feeding one American to another might cause a little controversy. Plus, the United States has plenty of opportunities for people to get a job and feed themselves so I am not going to worry about the people starving in the United States. That’s why the obese people will be fed to the starving people of Africa. If we could get the Africans fat then I think that would be one of our nation’s greatest accomplishments.

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